Trauma Therapy

Moving on doesn’t happen in a day. It often takes many little steps to break free of one’s broken self.

The word trauma comes from the Greek language and means wound. The New Oxford Dictionary of English defines trauma as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience…an emotional shock following a stressful event or physical injury, which may be associated with physical shock, and sometimes leads to long-term neurosis.”

The same dictionary further defines neurosis as “a relatively mild mental illness that is not caused by organic disease, involving symptoms of stress (depression, anxiety, obsessive behavior, hypochondria) but not a radical loss of touch with reality…excessive and irrational anxiety or obsession.”

Somatic Experiencing

Your body is speaking to you – are you receiving its messages? 

Somatic Experiencing is used to help rebalance a nervous system that has been thrown out of whack by stressful or traumatic events in a person’s life. This may be a single occurrence such as a physical or sexual assault, a fall or traffic accident. It can also be the result of chronic stress built up over time such as that from emotional abuse or developmental trauma.

As mentioned, the energetics of the event(s) remain buried deep in the subconscious, outside of space and time. Though the incident itself may have happened many years ago, its energetic signature remains active, and this is at the core of most trauma symptoms.

We can’t simply wish these energetics away: we must release them gently in order to avoid retraumatization.

This is done by helping the sufferer to become ever more aware of uncomfortable feelings and emotions, and then helping them to process these things so as to release the old energy that has been trapped within. By doing this, we are able to break the trauma’s energetic patterns, which allows us to walk out of the darkness and into the light.

Understanding Trauma

Trauma work can feel pretty heavy.

To those who are suffering from trauma in any form, yes; it is like carrying around a heavy weight. The symptoms of traumatic experiences can vary. 

Some of the more common symptoms are anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, skin rashes, chronic pain, and other unexplained physical ailments. A person may lose interest in things that he or she previously enjoyed such as activities, going to certain places, and even being around other people. Those who were abused early in life may harbor a deep distrust of others, which may lead to the inability to form relationships and results in feelings of isolation.

The original traumatic episode itself is no longer the cause of the problems that we are experiencing today in the present. It is the energetics of the incident that remain, and this is what continues to affect us in a negative way long after the event has passed. As we work to safely release those trapped energetics, the troubling symptoms will also be resolved.

Session Details

Please be aware that while Somatic Experiencing sessions are available in person or through an online video platform, there are many benefits to the former that generally don’t translate well through a computer screen. Touch work may be the most obvious one, but I also have many different tools and toys that are not only fun to work with but greatly facilitate the energy balancing.  It really depends on your own story and what will be needed to help you on your journey.

I will draw upon different healing modalities during a trauma therapy session. As a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I may use SE on its own or in combination with shamanic or intuitive healing – a practice I call Somatic Spiritual Healing®.

I offer SE sessions in person in San Diego or through online video platforms such as Zoom or Skype.

Sessions last for 75 minutes and cost $170.

“I truly appreciate all of our work together, even the uncomfortable parts. I know my victim mode is still lurking in the background, but I’m getting much better at letting it ride and managing it when it decides to come for a visit.”

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