Shamanic Services

A shamanic healer is working in multidimensional realms in order to find the most effective solutions to the issues that you have brought in. In additional to the physical dimension (things of the body and your environment), you may also be addressing the emotional, mental or spiritual states. 

While each of the healing methods below may be used on its own, it is more common for more than one to be used in a session. For example, after a soul retrieval, we may also bring back a power animal for the client. Depending on the nature of what needs to be done multiple sessions are often required to complete the work.

Spiritual Extraction

Words have power. In many cultures around the word there are practices of cursing another person, either with words or objects. While this may seem rather farfetched to our modern way of life, we certainly have our own equivalents.

Have you ever had an angry exchange with someone that left you feeling depleted or raw?  You might walk away from such an encounter holding your hand over your midsection or other area without noticing the protective gesture. Sometimes these events have enough power behind them to cause a pain that doesn’t go away.

During a shamanic extraction we scan the body for areas that look or feel different to our spiritual sight. We can then remove  and transmute these negative energies to bring back a state of well being.

Power Animal Retrieval

Because shamans believe in the interconnectedness of all things, they may draw upon the energy and characteristics of non-human beings to help them in their work. In the trance state they are able to call upon their spirit animal helpers and merge with them.

But people don’t need to be shamans to have a power animal guardian spirit. We can take a journey and bring back a power animal that wishes to work with the client. Receiving an animal spirit usually makes the client feel more empowered in their life, and can help break streaks of hardship or misfortune

Soul Retrieval

For centuries, many indigenous societies have recognized that soul loss is a spiritual illness that can manifest as a range of real physical and emotional symptoms. Some examples of these can be such as a felt sense of not being present (dissociation), depression, a feeling that something is missing from the person’s life or that they don’t belong in this world. There may be memory gaps, chronic medical issues or addictions.

Causes for soul loss are just as varied as its symptoms, but the most common cause seems to come from some kind of trauma that was experienced earlier in the person’s life.

During a soul retrieval we will empower the client energetically so that they are able to receive and integrate the returned soul part(s). Most people who have received back and integrated a lost soul part report feeling stronger and more able to successfully navigate what life presents to them.


This strange sounding word comes from the Greek language and refers to one who guides souls on their journey into the afterlife. This can help to ensure a smooth transition for not only the soul, but also for their loved ones.

Whatever the reason for the soul’s inability to move forward with its life progress, it is possible to communicate with them and ask if they would like assistance.

The psychopomp, or its modern day version, the death doula, can also be of service to the person who is dying, as well as bringing comfort to their family.

Somatic Spiritual Session

These sessions are fantastic for people who need a big download and perspective shift on their personal journey.

Often the guided messages that come through will have a unique impact and perspective shift for you. You will have the chance to ask questions, elaborating on any specific messages, while learning about Grandfather Tobacco – the plant spirit within the medicine.

Shamanic healing sessions often include one or more of these healing methods, and additional techniques not mentioned here.

The Healing Experience

What to Expect

Shamanic Healing Sessions typically start out with some inquiry to determine how to best address your symptoms of “dis-ease”.

Depending on your needs and personal requests, the appropriate approach will be tailored to have the best results.

As with other treatments, there can never be assurance of a particular outcome. A client has to be willing to consider the advice that comes through the healer during the session and take steps to carry out the suggested life changes or at least make a good attempt to do so.

Shamanic healing is not a magic bullet or a one-time fix. It can take years, or even lifetimes, to accumulate the energetics that are causing us problems in this life, so one has to be patient and allow the process its due course.

“I write this letter to express the deep gratitude to you.  I am in awe as I witness the results of the healing that took place.  Thank you so very much for your dedicated work.”

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