“You are one extraordinary healer. You are humble and very powerful. I referred to you as the ‘Big Guns’ when I couldn’t find others to really help me break through my struggles. You are a no-bullshit, real deal, mighty shaman. Your command of your work is astonishing. Your ability to navigate through the seen and unseen worlds is astounding. Working with you is a true and deeply healing experience. You are empowering of others, including myself. You are kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental. You create a safe space for deep healing work to unfold. In short, I trust you with my life, my truth, and my struggles. ” KJ

“I truly appreciate all of our work together, even the uncomfortable parts. I know my victim mode is still lurking in the background, but I’m getting much better at letting it ride and managing it when it decides to come for a visit.”

“Thank you for always being honest and to the point with me. Thank you for listening to me; I finally feel like someone is really hearing me!”

“I want to thank you for being one of my greatest spiritual teachers and guides. You are truly a beautiful, authentic teacher: one that is true to her purpose and one that shall be acknowledged. You have held space for my entire family and you have remained in great integrity, love and authenticity. Each one of us has had our own journey and awakening, and you have witnessed it all. You have held space for all of us in such a beautiful, loving, true and authentic way. You must know that your truth, authenticity and teachings are valued and cherished by each one of us. You are such a big part of our journey and I truly thank you for that. You are loved in our family and we all adore you. Thank you Judy for being a true shaman and for  guiding all of us in a safe, loving and REAL authentic way.”

“I have to say I entered your home so broken and afraid so far removed from my true self and with your help I emerged renewed, aware, grounded. Thank you for a your work. I finally understand what I need to do, and I have reconnected with my true self.”

“I wanted to give you an update on the past year. Your wisdom during the beginning helped me so much. We have recently returned home! My daughter is clear of disease after brain surgeries, 5 rounds of high dose chemo and 3 stem cell transplants. She was diagnosed in the beginning with a super rare genetic mutation called Li-Fraumeni Syndrome effecting the tp53 gene and I was also diagnosed a month later, then my sister soon after.  Now I know why my dad died so young of cancer. With this diagnosis yearly scans and tests are recommended. They found cancer in my breast that would have killed me if it wasn’t for my daughter’s sacrifice. You were 100% correct. I had a double mastectomy. My daughter’s oncologist calls her a miracle because she has no obvious side effects or signs of cancer!  Thank you for your kindness to me during the scariest moment of my life. You truly helped me.”

“You are such a gift. My heart is filled with happiness, love, and joy for being guided into your life.”

“I must let you know I had a truly profound experience with you, and I thank you for your time and effort.  What happened not only helped me but will truly help my daughter when I share the experience with her.  So you helped two people out for the price of one!  You have a beautiful voice!  I will never forget all the love you shared with me.  Just absolutely amazing.”

“I write this letter to express the deep gratitude to you.  I am in awe as I witness the results of the healing that took place.  Thank you so very much for your dedicated work.”

“Thank you for following your heart and your calling to do the work that you do.”

“Thank you so much for doing what you do and for holding the space for this INSANE healing to take place. I felt like I was in a soul rehab. I really look forward to working with you again.”

“I am so grateful and blessed to have had the honor of working with Judy over the past year.  Her skill, perfection, and adeptness are incredible.  Her insights are amazing.  Whenever I have had questions or concerns, she will get back to me quickly, and answers them thoughtfully and thoroughly.  My personal growth from this process has been awesome.  I attribute it to her as my spiritual teacher.  Our journey in life can be a bit bumpy at times, but that’s when we grow the most.  It is wonderful to have Judy there to guide me as I progress on my path.”

“Many thanks to you: words have no way to express! My health concerns are so much better!”

“Serendipity brought me to Judy after a decade of western medicine failed me. Her facilitated healing work, led me onto a path where three years later my chronic health issues are mostly resolved and I am able to see illness as a divine act and a spiritual course correction.  As ancient healing modalities make a come back into the western hemisphere, it is hard to find a therapist with real depth. Judy is a true pioneer and of the highest integrity. One of her rare qualities is her ability to continue to stay open and evolve in her own journey and craft.

I am blessed to have her as a guide and friend. With gratitude! ”