Crappy to Happy

Into every life, some rain must fall.
Fortunately, no storm lasts forever.

Do bad things happen to good people, or could the difficulties we face be gifts in disguise?

You decide as thirty courageous authors share their poignant true stories with you.

Walk alongside the writers as they weather the storms of gender and sexual identity, crises of faith, divorce, addiction, health challenges, lost love, and more. Find inspiration for your future as you gain deeper insight into the meaning of life’s challenges.

Personal Stories

  • Co-author Reverend Ariel Patricia’s past lives that prove she has experienced lasting love
  • Co-author Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos’ good friend Petronelle, who taught her to “laugh till it heals” to help her overcome life-threatening illness
  • Shamanic healer and trauma therapist Judy Lemon shares a true story about transformation, mystical teachings and the spirits of the jungle
  • Spiritual Leader Reverend Dr. Temple Hayes, who found Unity within herself as a gay woman after being judged by her family
  • NY Times bestselling author Dr. Bernie Siegel’s mystical nudges by deceased wife, Bobbie
  • Media guru Ken Walls’ journey to sobriety and the night he knew he needed help
  • Survivor Connie Bramer’s memories of her mom, who lost her battle with breast cancer
  • Nurse Diane Vich as she connects to her goddess within before sharing Covid-19 results

“Tonight I am going to sit out there alone in those dark woods full of wild animals, drink a hallucinogenic tea, and dance with the spirits.”

The Magic Tree

Contributing Author: Judy Lemon

With a true story about transformation, mystical teachings and the spirits of the jungle, Judy Lemon is delighted to be included as a contributing author in Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy.

Book Publishing Details:

October 2020
Sacred Stories Publishing
Tradepaper ISBN:
Electronic ISBN:
Paperback: 282 pages 6×9

“This book is enlightened — and not because it advocates some heady new theory or movement, but precisely because it doesn’t! In fact, this work transcends quick fixes and pop psychology to focus on something else: how to live life fully and spiritually in the real world of pain, self-discovery, struggle, and joy. And remarkably, what is displayed in this anthology is an authentic look at how and why joy can win.”

–  James Redfield NY Times bestselling author of The Celestine Prophecy