I Love You

I’m writing this from the beautiful city of Charlottesville, Virginia. I came here nearly a week ago to officiate at the wedding of some very dear friends of mine. It’s been quite the adventure learning how to deal with the established state procedures at various courthouses, but it’s all a learning experience.

One thing that has really struck me during the many events surrounding the ceremony was the dedication of the people who came from all over the country just to be with the happy couple. We spent hours and days together just sitting and talking. New connections were made, and I know my own connection with my friends certainly deepened. Over the week as people spent more time with each other I began to hear the L word more and more.

I love you.

I love you, too.

When was the last time you either said this to someone or someone said it to you and really meant it?

In my work as a spiritual counselor and therapist I too often see the results of the lack of intimacy in people’s lives. We hide behind computer screens and write to our hundreds of friends, yet which of them could you call in an emergency? Some of those I work with haven’t felt the human touch in years. Imagine that.

When I was growing up as a Catholic I used to hear that no man is an island, but I never knew what it really meant. Now I do.

We can all do something every day to reach out to those who may have become isolated for whatever reason. Sometimes a simple smile will make a huge difference in someone’s day. Sure, you’re probably not going to tell a stranger that you love them, but a simple gesture speaks volumes in itself.

This has been quite an intense few weeks. I lost a friend to cancer, I married two others, and another had a baby. I am happy to be here in the middle of it all, for happiness or sadness. I love all those who I work with.

I love you.

Pass it on.