The Power of Signs

One aspect of shamanism that can be used by anyone is that of signs and omens. I see many clients who come for healing or counseling sessions who want advice on how to improve their lives. While at times they do receive their answers in the session, as often as not they’ll come later on in an unexpected form. These forms can be dreams, music, the printed word, or even something like a billboard.

I had this experience myself in the not too distant past. Just because I am a teacher and a healer with many years of experience behind me, it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working on myself. I was doing some personal work and visions arose that pointed to something very early on in my childhood that was still affecting me. I could see it had to do with my mother, which had been an ongoing issue for many years for me. But what was it?

The answer seemed to elude me and I wondered what to do. I had to find the truth. Driving along the freeway, this sentence repeated itself over and over. I had to find the truth. I HAD to find the truth. Argh! What to do?

Suddenly, I drove past a billboard that simply said, “the truth is inside you.” I couldn’t believe it, and I burst out laughing. I wasn’t able to see if there was anything more on the sign once I had driven past it, so I repeated my route several times over the next few days to see if I could see who had sponsored the billboard. There was nothing more to be seen except that one sentence.

Now that was a sign if ever I saw one!

Trusting my inner guidance, I was led to someone who was able to work with me to find that truth, which was buried deep within layers of traumatic dissociation. Another wound healed!

It can be challenging to recognize the answers that come from Spirit, but every human being on this planet has the ability to access this fount of eternal wisdom. If you’re interested in learning how to do this, I can help.