You’re standing at a crossroads in your life wondering which way to turn.

Perhaps you have something on your mind that you feel you can’t discuss with family or close friends.

Counseling isn’t just for deep or serious issues. Sometimes we just need to sit with a good listener and be able to speak from the heart. Just being able to open up and speak without worrying about being judged can work wonders.

I currently offer two options for one on one counseling. Please contact me to find out which one is right for you.

Traditional tobacco smoke ceremony

Do you have something you want to talk about or need counseling on? Would you like to begin your healing process in a gentle way? Perhaps you’re not sure if you are ready to commit to deeper work but want to explore the path further?  Let Grandfather Tobacco guide you to your next steps. I use this sacred medicine to connect to my divine guides during your personal intensive session.

This ceremony is also used for those on the shamanic healing path who wish to develop a relationship with Grandfather Tobacco.

Please contact me to discuss your needs as each session is tailored specifically for your requirements.

A traditional tobacco ceremony costs $200 for 2 hours, although it may run longer as Spirit dictates.

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Counseling (non tobacco)

Don’t like tobacco smoke? Simply just want to get something off your chest? I’ve got you covered.

A one hour counseling session costs $150.


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