The seed that is to grow must lose itself as seed;

and they that creep may graduate through chrysalis to wings.

Wilt thou, then, o mortal

cling to husks which falsely seem to you the self?

Wu Ming Fu (12th century)

In the traditional paths that I trained in, the client is in the same room as the healer.  This allows for use of sacred tobacco smoke, floral baths, perfumes and essential oils, and of course, hands on work. However, in keeping with my belief that energetic healing can reach beyond physical boundaries like walls, some of my services may be offered over Skype or Zoom.

Please note that I am located in San Diego, CA. For any work that is done away from San Diego, clients are expected to compensate me for any travel-related expenses such as gas, flights, meals, and accommodations. These expenses are in addition to the cost of the services being provided.

I currently offer the services listed below. Please click on an individual service to be taken to a page with more information.


Shamanic healing

Trauma therapy

Healing Hands

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