Machete Woman's Notebook

A Small Part of a Big Picture

Why me? Why is this happening to me? Have you ever asked yourself this before? Maybe you had car troubles on the way to an important appointment. Or perhaps the WIFI went down before you could send out your resume for that perfect job. Perhaps the better question...

The Power of Signs

The Power of Signs

One aspect of shamanism that can be used by anyone is that of signs and omens. I see many clients who come for healing or counseling sessions who want advice on how to improve their lives. While at times they do receive their answers in the session, as often as not...

Ditch the shoulds

Many people go through life with preconceived ideas of how life should be. These ideas come from all around us: parents, families, friends, society, and culture.  They are not all bad, and in fact they can be strong guiding forces when we need a beacon to guide...

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