Sometimes life can be a real challenge.

Do you feel overwhelmed by negative emotions, worries, regrets or other feelings that prevent you from being able to make decisions about important aspects in your life? Or perhaps there is nothing specific that you can put your finger on except just a feeling of being stuck in a rut and not knowing in which direction to turn. All of these kinds of things may interfere with your personal or work relationships or simply your ability to lead a productive life.

Your private counseling session can be used as a tool to help you move towards personal growth, empowerment and development.

Session Details

There is not much preparation required before a counseling session, but it is a good idea to jot down a few notes about topics you may want to discuss. This will help us to make the best use of time.

1 hour counseling session    $160

You may also combine counseling sessions with other work.
Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

“I truly appreciate all of our work together, even the uncomfortable parts. I know my victim mode is still lurking in the background, but I’m getting much better at letting it ride and managing it when it decides to come for a visit.”

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Please include any questions or details that can help me best respond to your inquiry. If you are ready to book a session, you can do so directly by visiting my scheduling page. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.